Ideavelop S.A. is a Costa Rican consultancy firm with Dutch roots. Ideavelop is specialized in horticulture and intends to create bridges between private and / or public entities in this sector.

IDEAVELOP..... your new challenge

Ideavelop aims at matchmaking between European and Latin American entrepreneurs by means of market research, project development, project management and the organization of exhibitions and events.





IDEAVELOP..... sustainability

Ideavelop is specialized in project development in the agricultural sector based on sustainability and optimal use of available human capital and resources. Environmental awareness forms a corner stone of the way we implement our projects.

IDEAVELOP..... your future business

Ideavelop believes that social development cannot take place without a healthy and sustainable economic basis. We aim at sharing our experience and ideas with you and integrate them in your (new) business. We know the Central American needs, you know your business. Let’s do it together!