Who We Are




Renee Snijders studied Mandarin and worked in China between 2002 and 2009, merely advising Dutch horticultural companies in the flower sector in her position as Chief Representative of the Netherlands Agri Business Support Office. Because of her job in the public sector, she also gained ample experience in working with the various subsidies of the Dutch government applicable in developing countries as well as monitoring & evaluation of these programs. She lives and works in Costa Rica since August 2009.  



Edwin Smit is agronomist and lives in Costa Rica since 2002. He started out a agent/distributor for Koppert Biological Systems with the hope to diminish the use of agrochemicals in the country. This proved to be a long and difficult process and therefore he started Ideavelop in 2006. By organizing trade mission, seminars and publishing the extensive market study ‘Green Opportunities with an Orange Touch’ Ed has built an extensive network in the region. He now fully dedicates his time to Ideavelop and the promotion of sustainable horticulture remains a main objective.